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Carneros Bay was founded by Gary Bender, the former global Head of IP and Strategy at Visa and Robert Rutherford, the former Head of Strategic Partnerships from Dwolla. Gary and Bob realized during their time at firms like Visa and JP Morgan Chase that innovation was hard for large firms. A huge opportunity existed to help those firms accelerate their efforts from the outside. This was at a time when smaller startups were gaining traction and market share causing costs within large firms to skyrocket as they scrambled to keep up with the rapidly advancing marketplace. Thus, Carneros Bay was born - an innovation studio that builds and deploys technologies and companies in partnership with large firms. 

Gary and Bob built a team of seasoned fintech experts from companies like Visa, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Ripple Labs, Fidelity, PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Magento, Trov and other F500 comapnies to drive ideation and execution. This group works together on behalf of Carneros Bay customers to rapidly architect, build and deploy new concepts or solve complex project based challenges.

Since launch, Carneros Bay has served numerous banks, insurance carriers, global merchants, and global payments companies with a flexible model allowing for access to technologies and companies. Carneros Bay has successfully launched five spin out companies in partnership with large incumbents with numerous others on the horizon.

Carneros Bay operates out of its headquarters in the San Francisco bay area with satellite offices in Boston and Phoenix. 


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