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Our Companies and Solutions

We partner with emerging FinTech companies to develop and deploy leading-edge technologies for the financial services sector.


netchain squared

Netchain2 provides the first artificial intelligent, fully automated invoice-to-pay, and order-to-cash platform.  Our technology saves businesses time and money by reducing manual processing, minimizing fraud and errors, and providing predictive information and optimizing cash flows.  Going beyond payments, Netchain2 completes the procure-to-pay and order-to-cash lifecycle, automating end-to-end financial operations. 



Voice recognition and biometric authentication solution that replace static passwords with a one-time use “code”. For financial transactions, the code spoken by the customer “binds” the financial transaction details with user authentication.  Easily implementable via API integration, this multi-factor biometric solution solves many authentication challenges.



Sipree was founded as an outgrowth of strategic planning at PayPal with a simple goal: to re-architect how new, digital payment innovations are applied to commercial payments. Sipree is the only company providing businesses with simple, secure access to the leading payment networks through a single unified platform.  SaaS-based platform saves businesses time and money while managing vendor/customer payments more efficiently. Primary verticals are Insurance, Travel, Government and Legal



The world's only fully automated mobile security platform that enables multi-factor, digital authentication. Direct Autonomous Authentication™ technology enables impenetrable security and authentication through US carrier integration and associated SIM card credentials.  The Averon authentication and digital identity platform enables faster and more secure identity verification. 


identitymind global

The IdentityMind SaaS platform builds, maintains and analyzes digital identities worldwide, allowing companies to perform identity proofing, risk-based authentication, RegTech identification, prevent identity fraud, and identify money laundering.

Designed for Fintech integration but is also working with select banks and FI’s to provide more advanced and relevant identity solutions for today’s dynamic, digital environment



Digital marketing platform that allows banks and financial institutions partners to personalize their web and mobile experience customized for each visitor. This platform shows customers what they want, when they want it to increase engagement, retention and conversion. Easily implementable solution (installs with a single line of code) across any web platform, with enterprise functionality around scalability of platform, user access and ability to use across multiple domains. 


distilled analytics

Data science platform coming out of MIT and led by industry veterans aiming to provide predictive insights into consumer credit and risk.  In market for alternative and intelligent consumer credit and risk analyses, fraud prevention and enhanced customer engagement.



Software for your business to buy and sell digital assets in a regulated environment.  This bilateral trading system has been developed with compliance at the forefront and has met the needs of banking partners around the country.  Adhering to the highest standard of cryptocurrency security, including multi-signature wallets, key recovery protocols, and audit trails to ensure digital assets are safe and secure.



This platform and merchant network enables the digitization of gift cards and pre-paid cards.  Bitmo provides consumer flexibility and convenience by allowing value to be exchanged, gifted, re-gifted, combined, and split by the user for themselves or with others as many times as they wish, for no charges or fees.  This includes the exchange of one retailer brand for another, or transferring value from one account to another. 



In partnership with Airbnb to fuel home sharing globally, the platform is expected to become a critical part of the home sharing economy in the years ahead.  The platform enables Residents and Building Owners to proactively connect, collaborate and and reach agreement on terms and revenue share. 



“SafeID” is the future of identity and true authentication, whether it be for banking, payments, news feeds, social media post validation or any other use case that would benefit from truly validated identity authentication and management.  Safe ID changes the paradigm, utilizing biometrics combined with hardware and AI-infused personal histories to uniquely provide a ubiquitous solution for identity management systems of the future



First-of-its kind, AI-driven, ad-tech and conversational commerce platform. The platform allows partners to leverage an extremely smart, productive, scalable bot technology. Currently deploying in the Auto industry, the technology is ready for deployment in to financial services, commerce, payments, insurance and others 



Boost Payment Solutions provides an efficient straight through processing platform for acceptance of virtual cards. A passive experience for suppliers, results in operational efficiency, PCI compliance, error elimination and faster payments. The Boost Intercept platform processes payments on your behalf, funds your bank account and provides you with remittance reporting that automatically uploads to your AR software at the lowest possible interchange rates. 


Coming Soon



Secure, cloud-based Wealth Administration Platform for alternative assets constituting over $7 Trillion in asset value and is the fastest growing investment class. The Finix Platform provides intelligent workflow and automation for all activities surrounding alternative asset transactions, custody, administration, and reporting, significantly reducing the high costs and errors that result from existing manual processes.



Blockchain and digital banking solutions to power new banking products for partners and to provide secure financial access to the underserved and excluded



Omni-channel financial health platform that provides users access and control of the core financial services and products they need, when they need them. The platform is built on machine learning algorithms that “digitize” the fundamentals of financial planning and merges social and behavioral data to create continually optimized solutions across investment, insurance, estate and tax planning.