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The world's only fully automated mobile security platform that enables multi-factor, digital authentication. Direct Autonomous Authentication™ (“DAA™), technology enables impenetrable security and authentication through US carrier integration and associated SIM card credentials.  The Averon authentication and digital identity platform enables faster and more secure identity verification.


Control Mobile Inc. (“Control”) provides business intelligence (BI) solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), leveraging the power of customer payment transaction data from all channels and platforms.  Control provides a cloud-based platform that reconciles and normalizes transactional payment data through integrations with a growing list of processors (e.g., Stripe, PayPal, Square, Apple).


Artificial intelligence driven and improved networking platform designed to meet the requirements for business-to-business payments and power services for banks, lenders and businesses. The system increases fee revenues, decreases risk in lending practices, and reduces invoice processing costs by 94%.

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Distilled Analytics

Data science platform coming out of MIT and led by industry veterans aiming to provide predictive insights into consumer credit and risk.  In market for alternative and intelligent consumer credit and risk analyses, the platform will be used for advancing the analytics underlying the ratings on various types of fixed income investments.


Collaborative home-sharing platform that allows Residents and Building Owners to connect, find information about home sharing, and reach agreement on terms and revenue share. In partnership with Airbnb, the platform is expected to become a critical part of the home sharing economy going forward.


HEDG is a digital currency or ‘crypto’ investment infrastructure company that offers the “banking core” to financial services companies in the space.  As a custodian and market maker, Hedg connects any fund, broker dealer, advisor or any other platform providing digital asset investment services.


The Bitmo platform and merchant network enables the digitization of gift cards and pre-paid cards.  Bitmo provides consumer flexibility and convenience by allowing value to be exchanged, gifted, re-gifted, combined, and split by the user for themselves or with others as many times as they wish, for no charges or fees.  This includes the exchange of one retailer brand for another, or transferring value from one account to another.


Voice recognition and biometric authentication solution that replace static passwords with a one-time use “code”. For financial transactions, the “code” spoken by the customer “binds” the financial transaction details with user authentication.  Easily implementable, mulit-factor biometric solution utilizing state of the art voice recognition capabilities.

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Omni-channel financial health platform that provides users access and control of the key financial products they need, when they need them. The platform is built on machine learning algorithms that “digitize” the fundamentals of financial planning and merges social and behavioral data to create continually optimized solutions across investment, insurance, estate and tax.

Account Hub

Centralized account issuance and management platform connecting key FI partners needed to enable seamless account issuance and management processes.

Fintech IP

FintechIP serves some of the largest and best known brands in financial services and payments industries by providing strategic guidance, predictive analytics and access to a proprietary platform combining investment, M&A, litigation and focused Fintech IP data.



AI and geo-location platform technology that mitigates fraud risk, tracks field staff and enhances customer experience in consumer facing applications. Platform is actively used in industrial and commercial applications, expanding into select Insurtech and fraud management applications in 2018.