Carneros Bay Emerging Ventures Portfolio

Beyond creating great companies, Carneros Bay is also building great technology solutions for the financial services industry. We are actively developing innovative, implementable solutions for our members and strategic partners. This portfolio of innovation is backed by proprietary IP and architected by the Carneros Bay Innovation Team (CBIT). 

These "Emerging Ventures" are in the formative stage and are being prepared for roll-out later this year.

Account hub

Centralized account issuance and management system and API platform connecting all parties needed to enable seamless account issuance and management processes.  The platform enables cost effective account selection, set-up, compliance, reporting and ongoing customer engagement. Platform includes high end UX design and decisioning, open data-driven enterprise platform for FI’s,  Fintechs, merchants and others, and a consumer focused marketplace

Access minder

Cyber-security, enterprise management controls and account monitoring system to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent access to any type of consumer or enterprise ”account” or protected user.  System catches unique and unknown access attempts and alerts administrators, users and others with simple, intuitive messages when any suspicious or unauthorized account access has been attempted.  Cloud-based system can be easily deployed to enhance products across all types of enterprises and consumer oriented fraud or identity protection areaswhere users desire privacy and account-related security including social accounts, financial services, corporate accounts, government access points, etc. to prevent all types of fraud and account vulnerabilities.


Freight transport and security platform that uses smart contracts connected to private blockchain to execute business transactions. Platform is connected to payment systems and distribution networks to optimize flow of payments, goods and services. Technology disintermediates untrusted third parties, allows real-time monitoring of goods in motion, checkpoints, settlement and mitigates fraud/shipment losses.

Finbank Systems

Technology and API based operational systems to enable more efficient banking controls and processes focused on reducing non-interest expense by leveraging regulatory and compliance solutions, digital account management solutions and other current technologies.  (Leverages “Account Hub” platform).  Platform will be opened up as a banking as a service offering to other banks and Fintech companies to deliver modularized banking and Reg-Tech components.

While many initiatives are underway for faster and more real time payments globally, most point solutions have limitations due to ecosystem participant weaknesses and/or breaks in custodial responsibilities.  In conjunction with a global FI, CB is syndicating an international push-payment system in order to reduce global dependence on ACH and check payments.