Carneros Bay

Enabling organizations to participate in market-shaping financial services innovation and technology. 

What We Do

Carneros Bay is a solution-focused, innovation and technology development organization highly specialized in sourcing, securing, and creating new technologies and strategic opportunities across all areas of fintech. 

We provide financial institutions and technology companies a flexible membership model that includes targeted innovation, marketplace analytics, and a vibrant portfolio of technology development opportunities.


Who We Are

Collectively, Carneros Bay has more than 300 years of financial services strategy, technology development, and deployment experience, has founded over 15 startups, are named on over 1,500 patents, have successfully exited over 10 companies, and have been leaders at the largest names in the industry such as: Visa, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Ripple Labs, MasterCard, Dwolla, First Data, Fidelity and more.

Innovation Platform

The Carneros Bay Innovation Platform drives a portfolio of relevant solutions that will transform markets and financial services technologies. These ideas are sourced from our in-house experts, members, strategic partners, and capital partners.


IP & data analytics Platform

Carneros Bay's IP portfolio is the result of focused innovation, proprietary analytics, and marketplace demand.  This specialized portfolio of innovation offers our members opportunities to minimize risk and maximize long term value.  Members can participate in those that fit their business by acquiring, licensing and/or passively participating in them via their ongoing membership.   Members also benefit from access to tailored financial services technology, marketplace and IP analyses to help them make more informed strategic decisions.

Engage With Us

We are actively fostering opportunities, technologies, and IP in multiple areas of fintech. You and/or your organization can participate in various ways. To learn more, click one of the links below.