Fueling Fintech Engagement

As a unique FinTech curator, we help financial institutions profitably integrate new technologies, while equipping FinTech companies to scale

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Who We Are

We evaluate Fintechs and select those that are mature providers in the highly regulated financial services industry, matching them with banks that are seeking innovate Fintech partners.



We source and curate emerging FinTech solutions for our financial services partners.



We connect financial institutions with technology providers that align with their strategic roadmap.



We help financial institutions access, integrate and absorb promising emerging technologies that help them grow.

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Our Experience

Our expert network consists of more than 50 seasoned executives who have led engineering, strategy, technology and product development at many of the world’s top bank, payment and technology companies.


Our Companies and Solutions

Our partner companies offer industry leading FinTech solutions from mobile security to blockchain technologies.

Elizabeth Williams
Peter Martinez
Janet Ward
Rose Mitchell
Nicole Johnson
Robert Rhee
Peter Aiko

Our Partners Love Us

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“The Carneros Bay team is the whole package. Not only did they help us build, augment, integrate and position our voice recognition and biometric authentication solution; they introduced us to partners that have been integral to our growth and success.”

Brian Maw
CEO, SayTec