Realize the Power of Entrepreneurial Innovation

A membership with Carneros Bay ensures your organization stays on the cutting edge of financial technology. You'll get access to expertly curated data, an ongoing targeted portfolio of IP and technology opportunities AND be directly engaged with the world's foremost collection of financial technology inventors. 

Your membership gives you the ability to see and secure great new ideas relevant to you and a partner in Carneros Bay with the experience to create what matters most.


The Technology and Innovation Portfolio details the robust and impactful opportunities available to our members across all key areas of financial technology. We are constantly cultivating ideas from the Carneros Bay Innovation Team (CBIT), sourcing joint venture and acquisitions hidden in the market, and we are consistently providing our members with valuable, targeted opportunities to do real and meaningful innovation.

Our Technology and Venture Portfolio includes opportunities in:

  • Payments/Commerce
  • Identity management
  • Authentication and Fraud
  • Regulatory and Compliance technology
  • Account issuance and management
  • Blockchain
  • Insure-tech
  • Wealth-tech
  • And numerous others

proprietary insights & analytics

One of the most challenging aspects of innovation is tuning out the noise of media and open markets and focusing in on relevant, game-changing development opportunities. Our members receive ongoing, highly targeted insights that help them make quick, informed decisions based on what is most important to their businesses.

  • Focused and relevant analytics
  • Expertly sourced & curated
  • Ongoing and real-time updates
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Custom reporting

ip & patent Portfolio

Our members benefit from a consistent and relevant portfolio of IP opportunities that have been sourced and curated by our IP experts. Our unique perspective and holistic view allows us to sort through the noise of the open markets and identify only the highest quality assets.

  • Relevant and targeted to our members
  • Strategically valuable
  • IP strategy and services